Snitch Academy

By Rob Snitch

Below is a schedule to use for each Snitch Academy based on the drills and topics outlined here. The schedule is subject to change and may not follow the timeline exactly. The times are based on a 10 person turnout with extra seekers.


00:00 Rules and guidelines

Make sure all attendees have an understanding of the concept of snitching and the rules. Topics of discussion will include the rules and guidelines from the current rulebook, different styles of Snitch Runners, why Snitching is the way it is today, and the Snitch Certification process.

00:25 Warm Ups and Stretches

There’s going to be a lot of hands-on physical activity so stretching will be important.

00:30 Blocking

00:40 Practice Grabs and Holds

There are many holds a snitch can use against a seeker. This is the time to practice known holds and learn new ones. This is an opportunity to learn the correct way to grab and hold seekers from a game aspect but more importantly a safety aspect.

00:50 Block and Counter

01:00 Some Friend You Are

A game to help warm up for the Arena drill. In this game every participant has a snitch tail. Each player attempts to grab the tail from other players. The object of the game is to be the last person with a tail. The players are all confined to a space which gets smaller as less people are left in the game.

At this time there will be multiple 1v1 games instead of a larger game.

01:10 Arena

01:40 No Contact

Use 30 second sprints instead of the normal 40 seconds.

02:00 Break

02:15 Maneuvering

02:40 Center Line

03:10 Single Handicap

03:35 Double Handicap

04:00 Break

04:10 Workout

The workout will vary for each academy and be short but challenging.

04:20 Questions and Extra Practice

The academy is over and this is a good opportunity to ask unanswered questions or ask for extra help or practice. This is also a chance to play a large game of Some Friend You Are.