Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does make the world turn. Here are some ways to raise money for your team, and hopefully also help to equip your players at minimal cost!

We also offer merchant services for team/regional merchandise. Send us a message to spread your reach today!


There are a lot of printers available online, and it’s an easy growth strategy. With a basic shirt, you can usually get a +50-100% return on your investment. They help advertise for you when people wear them, and they help keep people from going around naked. Also a good way to get fans more involved in the club.

The main downside here is that they cost a bit of money to get started. For the best return, expect to spend ~$300-500 initially. This is a good way for an established team to raise some traveling funds, or to replace aging equipment.

I typically use a plain gliden t-shirt from ooshirts, and have had good service and turn around time from them.


You can also order a few extra jerseys when buying for the team – avid fans love to buy them.

Broom Sales

Everyone is always looking for a broom at practice. All the new people ask where to get one, and everyone always says “insert closest box store to campus”. These brooms run from $10-15 usually, and are either metal (bad bad), plastic (breaks with one hit), or wooden (and usually heavy). More and more teams are starting to use PVC as a broom type because they are cheap ($3 max), and are reasonably durable.This is a great way for a starting club to make some early money, and to get their players on brooms quickly. Sell the brooms at $5, or maybe even include one as part of the dues at the beginning of each semester (or however you do it).

Typically 3/4″ PVC is a good diameter since it is a little cheaper, easy to hold, but not too flimsy.

Build instructions here.

We also sell these in bulk sets in case you don’t want to make them yourselves.

Sexy (or not) Quidditch Calendar  

A lot of Quidditch teams are college age, and many are [quite] good looking. Capitalize on your team’s physique to take some nice photos, assuming they are on board with the idea.

This is good way to generate some extra funds for traveling, and doesn’t cost a lot to produce. Be sure to discuss with your entire team before jumping in however, and make sure you take an balloted vote on the matter. Not everyone may be as comfortable as you are with posing, even if they have regular clothes on, much less stripping down some. Remember that fundraising is supposed to help a team, and isolating players won’t help, so make sure everyone is comfortable before proceeding with a calendar.