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Four Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Quidditch

Allyson Burton July 2013

There are many more lessons I have learned during my time playing quidditch, but these four lessons are the ones I wish I could have learned when I first started. I hope they can benefit other players or at least provide insight into some of the struggles other players deal with.

Growing your Membership

Kevin Peterson July 2013

You don’t have a club if you don’t have members.

This brief overview covers:

  • Dues and expenses
  • Importance of both casual and competitive members
  • How to retain membership and divide non-traveling teams


By Kevin Peterson

Money makes the world turn. These methods have worked for many teams over the years, and some will save your members money while raising some for you too.

Remember – what worked best for one club may not work best for yours. Know your market, and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Quidditch for Kids (Kidditch) the Quidwitch Way

By Dawn Karpoff


Okay quidkids, it’s time to start fundraising for World Cup! Come gather round, the Quidwitch is going to share her secrets for smoothly running kidditch games. Her degree in Child Development and experience as a Brownie leader helped her formulate this method. Be prepared, as the motto goes!

Snitch Academy

By Rob Snitch


Teach others how to be a snitch while improving yourself!

Snitch Tips

By Rob Snitch