Tournament Support

Our ability to help will vary by location and previous engagements, but we will do our best to make sure you don’t have to worry about equipment.


Some of our previous events include:

  • Lone Star Cup (Spring 2012)
  • THE Fantasy Tournament (Summer 2012 & 2013)
  • Southwest Regionals (Spring 2013)
  • World Cup VI (Spring 2013)
  • Midwest Regionals (Fall 2013)
  • Lone Star Cup II (Fall 2013)
  • Western Regionals (Fall 2013)
  • Mid-Atlantic Regionals (Fall 2013)
  • South Regionals (Spring 2014)
  • Southwest Regionals (Spring 2014)
  • World Cup VII (Spring 2014)
  • THE Fantasy Tournament (Summer 2014)
  • Mid-Atlantic Regionals (Fall 2015)
  • Midwest Regionals (Fall 2015)
  • West Regionals (Spring 2015)
  • Southwest Regionals (Spring 2015)
  • World Cup VIII (Spring 2015)
  • MLQ 2015


It never hurts to ask, and we can provide quantity discounts on some of our new product lines.

Web Sales

T-shirts, Calendars, anything you can think of.


We can provide shipping and sales support for your fundraising efforts. We understand your members have classes and other obligations, so let us take care of the online sales and expand your reach beyond your campus!

World Cup VI trophies

Custom Quidditch Trophies

So you are running a tournament and need a trophy. Spray painted trash (lets be real here) just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. We offer professional looking trophies designed for quidditch with budget, elegance, and inspiration in mind. You can choose from an array of existing designs, or we can come up with something entirely new for you. We designed and manufactured the trophies for World Cup 6 – Let us do the same for your tournament.

We work with everything so you only need to work with us.