Hoop Sleeves



Fluorescent Hoop Sleeves

Is your hoop boring? Does it look naked? Is it hard to see against the field? Does it often get shot by hunters?

These fluorescent-orange hoop sleeves modify a set of hoops to be more visible and stylish than ever. They come in a pack of six to cover all of the hoops on the field. They are small, silky, easy to take on and off, and difficult to lose.

The hoop sleeves are made to alter an existing hoop to be more visible against the field without much extra effort on your part. They are designed to slip on and fasten with a knot at the hub, giving a seamless look across the top of the hoop and shielding the top screw fastening. They are inexpensive and easy to use, allowing them to be switched out or washed as they get ripped or dirty without much work on your part.

Includes: 6 bright orange hoop sleeves.

This package includes the hoop sleeves only – hoops are sold separately.


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Weight 3 lbs


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