Why don't you ship hoops internationally?

Shipping costs are too high and have too much variation. Some shipping costs we have seen when checking in the past:


– $650 per set of hoops

-$150 for a broom


– $1000 per set of hoops


– $1600 per set of hoops


We are slowing adding some international boxes to make some items available. These use USPS flat rate boxes which are one set price anywhere in the world.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We do! Send us an email with the purchase order or with a list of the info your accounting department needs and we’ll get you set up!

Can I get bristles on one of the brooms?

Absolutely! It’s an extra $35, but if you are interested shoot us an email and we will get your order finalized.

Shipping times

We try to get everything out as soon as we can, but brooms and hoops are all handmade to order. Specifically brooms take time for the rubber tips to cure and it takes longer in cold weather.

Express shipping for hoops

Hoops are prohibitively expensive to ship faster than ground. Overnight shipping is easy over $1000 and even two day pushes $500.


If you have a specific event you need the hoops for let us know when you order so that we can make sure it arrives in time. Typical minimum warning is 4 business days.