We want you to worry less about equipment, and more about playing Quidditch. Let us do the legwork for you by providing the best equipment at the most affordable prices.


I got my start at Texas Quidditch, managing and producing the club’s equipment. I grew up with and around tools, and have the shop capacity to mass produce (in relative terms) quidditch hoops. I also have help from my better half, Catherine, in times of high order volume. You may see us at tournaments – come say hi!

We want to make it easy for you to practice, to start a club, raise money, and to enjoy Quidditch. Let us do the hard stuff, and you can get back on the pitch and have fun!

Our Vision

We want to see Quidditch established as a sport, even after the books are long gone. As part of that aim, we believe providing product options for people to buy equipment instead of having to make their own will add legitimacy and longevity to the sport.

Equipment was a major issue during the starting era of Texas Quidditch, and we aim to make that time period easier for new teams. We offer both parts and full sets depending on your financial situation, but both will get you the parts that require special tooling to make.

We are always looking to expand, so let us know if you have any suggestions!

Our Sport

The governing body of Quidditch is the International Quidditch Association, and they manage updating the rulebook and official tournaments.

We both want to see Quidditch grow and develop as a sport, and hope that you will join or start a team in your area. The IQA has a list of teams on their webpage, as well as some starting guides if you can’t find an established team.

Quidditch is a unique sport that had its foundation rooted in a community not known for its athleticism, but has quickly grown and spread to involve very athletic individuals in a rugby-lacrosse style mix. Give it a try, you’ll like it.